6 Incredible Benefits of Switching to Sustainable Packaging

Even though New Zealand ranks in the top 20 of the world’s greenest countries, it still has a big plastic problem. It’s estimated that 252,000 tons of plastic waste is produced every year, yet only 58% of it recycled. The rest is sent to landfills and exported to developing countries like Thailand and Malaysia where they have devastating impacts on the environment and the health of local communities.

But not all if is the consumers fault.  Research shows that a growing number of the Kiwi population iswilling to pay more for goods and services from sustainable companies

The governmenthas stepped upits efforts to tackle plastic waste by announcing that it will phase out single-use plastics by 2025. 

With the environment becoming a hugely important factor for consumer tastes and government policies,sustainability packaging is no longer an  option but a necessity for businesses.

But before we highlight the benefits, let’s start by identify exactly what it is.

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is any packaging   with minimal environmental impact—from production to post-use.

Packaging is considered sustainable if it has the following qualities:

  • It's made of sustainably-sourced materials
  • It’s manufactured using clean production technologies and practices
  • It's easy to recycle or compost
  • It’s safe for individuals using it
  • it’s safe for the environment at the end of life


In general, sustainable packaging alternatives come in three varieties:

  • Biodegradable materials: Typically made of plant-based materials that degrade in a reasonable timespan when place in landfill.
  • Recyclable materials: These materials can be sent recycling centerswhere they can be converted into new raw materials. Examples include cardboard, paper, and some types of plastic.
  • Compostable materials: These are plant-based materialswhich can be placed in a compost bin where it can disintegrate in 90-120 days.


The good news is that Switching to sustainable packaging doesn’t need drastic changes in business practices and the benefits far outweigh any short-term cost.

Here are 6 benefits of implementing sustainable packaging for your brand.

  1. Attract new customers

One major advantage of using sustainable packagingis it will attract a new wave of eco-conscious consumers who are eagerto support brands that champion sustainability.This segment of the market is growing fast and if you’re not part of the green revolution, you might to lose out to your competitors in the marketplace.

  1. Boost brand image

The significance of packaging cannot be understated, after all, it is the first and last impression customers have of your brand.

Adopting sustainable packaging solutions can open up greater opportunities for your business that you never knew before. Showing the world that you are committing to a healthier planet is a great way to catch the attention of your target market and differentiate your brand. And while there are undoubtedly many viable strategies that can achieve this end, nothing is as simple as switching to green packaging.


  1. Reduce your carbon footprint

The carbon footprint of a business can be influenced by variety of factors such as the type of energy used, the amount of travel undertaken, and much more.

As a business moves to toward net zero emissions, changing someaspects of the business may require more investment and while others can be implemented more easily. Packaging is probably one of the features of your business that can cut down your carbon footprint almost instantaneously.

By utilizing sustainable packaging, you can limit the emissions associated with plastic and help in the fight against climate change.

  1. Cut costs

The biggest hurdle often cited by businesses when it comes to sustainable packaging is that they believe it’s more expensive. However, that isn’t always the case. Using sustainable packaging can save you money on a number of ways.

First, it will encourages less packaging in general which can help your business

Second, it can save you on shipping costs as many sustainable packaging materials are more lightweight.

Moreover,as more businesses embrace sustainable packaging arenow offering competitive rates, meaning you can get great deals. 

  1. Eliminates toxic chemicals

From extraction, refinement, distribution, use and disposalplastic poses a threat human health. Studies have found that certain chemicals in plastic specifically from bisphenol A (BPA) and phthalates have been linked to health problems such as metabolic disorders.

In contrast, sustainable materials tend to be non-toxic and free of other harmful chemicals and using them can reassure customers that you genuinely care about their health and safety.

Wrapping up

There are plenty of incentives to switch to sustainable packaging ranging from economic, environmental or ethical benefits.

Your customers will become more loyal to you, the planet will have less plastic and you’ll enjoy an increased bottom line in the long run.

Get sustainable packaging for your business today and start reaping the amazing rewards!